Product Specifications:

  • Width: 3 inches
  • Length: 60 meters per roll
  • Quantity: Pack of 2
  • Adhesive Type: Transparent
  • Application: Ideal for Packing and Shipment

Key Features:

  1. Wide Coverage: With a width of 3 inches, this Transparent Tape provides wide coverage, making it highly suitable for securely sealing boxes and packages. The larger width ensures quick and efficient application, saving you time during the packing process.
  2. Long Length: Each roll comes with 60 meters of tape, providing ample length for multiple packaging tasks. This ensures that you have enough tape to handle various shipment and packing needs without the need for frequent replacements.
  3. Transparent Adhesive: The transparent adhesive allows for a clean and discreet finish. It blends seamlessly with the packaging, ensuring a professional look while allowing the contents of the box to remain visible.
  4. Pack of 2: This product comes in a convenient pack of two rolls, offering a cost-effective solution. Having two rolls on hand ensures you have a backup when needed and can tackle larger packing projects without interruptions.
  5. Secure Packing and Shipment: Specially designed for packing and shipment purposes, this Transparent Tape provides a strong and secure bond. It ensures that your packages stay sealed during transit, offering peace of mind that your items will reach their destination intact.
  6. Versatile Application: Ideal for a variety of packaging tasks, including sealing boxes for shipping, packing materials for storage, and more. The versatility of this tape makes it a valuable addition to your packing supplies.

Upgrade your packing and shipment process with our Transparent Tape. With its wide width, long length, and transparent adhesive, this pack of two rolls provides a reliable solution for all your packaging needs. Ensure the safety and security of your items during transit with Selo Tape Transparent Tape.

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