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    LED bike Steam Light / Work Light is perfect to increase the visibility on the road for ease in driving. The steam light structure is made of die cast Aluminium which ensures long life. Suitable for all weather and road conditions. It is water proof, dust proof, quake proof and anti-explosion.Designed to produce a high beam of bright and soft light through the combination of LEDs, the offered LED steam light / Work Light can be easily installed on All Type of Vehicles.

    Hed light wiring cit ROOLS

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    • Vehicle Compatibility: Applicable for passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles
    • Extremely functional and easy to install in your car interior without any hinderance
    • With a set of 2 horns comprising of low tone and high tone, Bosch Symphony horn enhances the performance of the horn which help the drivers better determine the warning signal
    • Keeping up with the latest trends, Bosch symphony horn comes with unique features in attractive pricing