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    • Dream gel air freshener is a water based formula that provides up to 30 days of fragrance, the strength of which depedns on the area it is exposed to. Gel air freshener is especially developed for use in Cars, Closets, Cupboards, Washrooms ets. Helps to fight bad odour and smell. Last upto 30 daus in Normal Temperature and Humidity. Shelf life upto 24 months from the date of mfg. Direction of Use:- Remove unit from packaging. Remove the seal. Stick on the surface where you would want to place the perfume using the given dounle side tape. Caution:- Keep out of reach of pets and children. Store in cool and dry place. Do not store in high temperature area. Do not Ingest. Harmful if swallowed. Use product as directed. Do not remove from container. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In the event of contact, wash thorughly and if the irritaion persists, consdult a physician.

    Air Doc. Dream Perfume